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East International
Tax Accountant Corporation

With the motto "Faithful to small things", we provide services that grow together with clients as well as specialized fields of tax and accounting.


Accounting / tax

From monthly accounting book preparation work to general business such as tax filing and report document preparation required by corporations and sole proprietors.

Opening support

We provide support services for devising business forms at the time of opening, registration at the time of establishment, and filing with the tax office.

Subsidy application

We will prepare the financial documents required for subsidy application.


We support the acceptance of loans for entrepreneurial funds from Japan Finance Corporation, the formulation of financing schemes, and the procurement of business loan funds from financial institutions.


It is not limited to mere inheritance tax filing business, but if necessary, we will provide comprehensive support in collaboration with affiliated law firms.

Overseas customers

We can handle business in English and Korean. Accounting and tax services for Japanese subsidiaries and branches. We perform various refund agency services for lump-sum pension withdrawal payments for those returning to Japan.



・ Each accounting and tax affair is a detailed work, but I think that you can win the trust by being faithful to the "small things".


・ We do not simply provide accounting and tax services, but strive to provide services that allow us to think together from the perspective of management.

・ The two representative employees are from a major audit firm that has many overseas bases, and have experience in charge of many foreign companies. We can handle business in Korean and English.

・ We will provide services that lead to a solid management system common to growing companies.

Representative employee

Our experienced representative employees will fully support our customers

​Hitonari Yokawa

Certified accountant / tax accountant

Born in Tokyo in 1970.

Graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Department of Economics.

Certified accountant / tax accountant

Currently engaged in accounting audit and tax affairs at PWC JAPAN and PWC KOREA (Sanetsu Accounting Corporation)

Fumio Nomura

Certified accountant / tax acc

Born in Gunma prefecture in 1960.

Completed the Graduate School of Business Administration, Yokohama National University.

Certified accountant / tax accountant

Currently engaged in accounting audit, taxation, and consulting work at PWC JAPAN

Lecturer at National Tax College, etc.

Office location:


1-3-7 Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Chiyoda Building 5F

Email address :

Phone number : 03-5651-7710

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